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I'm Joshua Zentner. I doodle and continue to fail to make a living at it. Enjoy.

I did a few pages of an idea I’ve had for a couple years, hope it came out okay.


this is a hot mess

Felt sick, couldn’t accomplish much.

Low-level monster

Party member


I dunno how other people ordered their prompts, so I’ll just do my own.


Quick thing to try to set back on schedule.

Unrelated to the rpg stuff. Won’t be able to post until Sunday, so once again I’m breaking schedule.

"The Gaolers are a specialized group of the Azathoth Corps, and are one of the few groups of the general enlisted in the United Earth Defense capable of sealing Outer things and sending their alien forms back to their plane of origin. They are taught banishing and binding spells, small-unit tactics and alien behavioral sciences so they can be more effectively deployed against the more common breaches that occur randomly in the material space surrounding the remaining arcologies.

In addition to various protective wards and trinkets, they carry specialized old-world gas-propelled pistols, outfitted with charms and enchantments to allow its ritualized payload to more capably subdue the more aggressive creatures they are tasked with containing. The cartridges loaded into the gun are usually comprised of iron and sulfur rendered from bodily fluids and human viscera, and are very rare outside of their order.”

Well that didn’t last long.

Environment 2.